Current class: Math 174: Discrete Math for Computer Science
While at the University of South Carolina, I had the opportunity to teach many introductory mathematics courses and have substituted multiple times for my advisor's upper level mathematics courses.
My teaching revolves around having students actively engaged and working on their skills both inside and outside the classroom in order for them to practice the skills learned in mathematics courses.

Courses Taught at the University of South Carolina

Discrete Math for Computer Science Students (MATH 174) Spring 2018

A Brief Introduction to Precalculus (MATH 116) Fall 2017
Precalculus (MATH 115) Fall 2015
Business Calculus (MATH 122) Spring 2015, Spring 2016, Fall 2016
Finite Mathematics (MATH 170) Spring 2017

Substitute Lecturer

Introduction to Proofs (MATH 300)

Private Tutor

Vector Calculus (MATH 241)
Calculus I (MATH 141)
Business Calculus (MATH 122)
Introduction to Statistical Reasoning (STAT 110)